Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Addiction

Hey Guys!
   This week has been rough! I had mid-term papers and exams *whew*. So glad to be through with the first half of the semester.  I haven't been able to blog a style post yet, and I know it has been exactly one week from my last post. The weather in Michigan is horrible at the moment so much heavy rain but during this week lookout for a fashionable post!
   OK! My new addition, This past summer I recently started collecting O.P.I and Nicole by O.P.I nail polish, and I have good reasons for this. I wanted healthy long nails, and stop the fake nails. I aslo had a bad history of bitting my nails, I conquered it (Notice I highlighted the "conquered", because it was a tough road) Well, guess what?! I succeeded. One thing in particular helped a lot and I'll recommend it to anyone. It is called Sally Hansen Hard as Nails: Hardener. It makes your nails hard so they do not break and makes it easier to maintain length, its also very affordable.
   You can get them right here!


What do you think about the transformation? 

xoxo Kim....